i wrote this for a friend

I heard the clopping sound of my boots
on the pavement as I braced myself
against the bitter cold of
the valentine month,
furrowing my eyebrows in annoyance
at the frigid shiver that
coursed through my body,
like a ghost trying to find
meaning for itself.
Frosted blades of green crunched
beneath me, begging for mercy
as my heel grinded them into the earth.

I watched the gentle sway of
the willow tree across the stream adjacent,
leaning and rocking with the wind
that pierced my sallow cheeks,
staining them scarlet,
whipping my skin
rouge and raw.
I gazed at the tree,
paying close attention to the faint
creaks and eerie croaks,
as if arthritis plagued its rickety limbs.
It was frail; much like you
in that hospital bed, praying for a light
that could never find you.

I paused and inhaled, cool air
dissipating throughout my lungs,
absorbing the warmth and ripping
it out of my chest as I expired.
I caress the soft, ivory petals of the daisies
resting between my stiff fingers, letting the aroma
mix with the scent of the air in my nose,
producing the sharp, sweet, lingering
smell that has always reminded me of you.

The granite, weathered by a year’s worth of
sleet, snow, sun and sorrow provided
a pretty background for the metal nameplate.
I choked on the breath that hitched in my throat.
I set the daisies by the headstone, my
heart heaving like an anchor as I kneeled,
and whispered worthless words as the wind carried
them off into a distant abyss.

The sting of the frosty cool will never be as
distinct as the sting of your absence.

Featured Image: gloomy weather by hunnnterrr


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Self-proclaimed jack-of-all-trades. Intersectional feminist. Educator/linguist in training. Fashionista, food-lover, and fairly poor hand-eye coordination.

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