August Goals

I’ve always believed goal-setting to be an excellent way to stay on top of things, as well as to explore oneself and one’s interests and habitual tendencies. Usually I do birthday resolutions, which I feel that I follow a lot more than New Year’s resolutions. I think I’m doing an August Goals list not to override my Birthday Resolutions, but to delve deeper into what I want to achieve this coming year seeing as I’ve been a little stressed out about life lately.

Short-term goals (within the month):

  1. Finish my online courses with a bang!
  2. Sell my old textbooks for a little extra cash
  3. Fix my posture by doing yoga, stretches, sitting properly, etc.

Long-term goals (ongoing, throughout the year):

  1. Continue using this blog as an outlet of creativity, opinion, and reflection
  2. Do well in my courses at school (aiming for a minimum 75% average)
  3. Eradicate ableist and other forms of oppressive language from my vocabulary
  4. Eat healthier, and more often (in conjunction with eating at all of my bookmarked restaurants on Zomato)
  5. Do things that make me feel safe and happy!

A pretty sound list, I say. Onwards!


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Self-proclaimed jack-of-all-trades. Intersectional feminist. Educator/linguist in training. Fashionista, food-lover, and fairly poor hand-eye coordination.

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